Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Achievement Number 1 - Logo of the Month

My first major achievement, when my logo was selected as logo of the month at logooftheday.com back in March 2009.

Youth Forum Logo

Youth Forum logo at the main page (before LogoOfTheMonth title)

The greatest achievement is that my logo was competing against Obama's logo, I wonder if I can beat him in election as well...!!!

Youth Forum logo at the main page (after LogoOfTheMonth title)

Achievement Number 2 - Judge's Choice

I'm so pleased to mention here at my blog that my taken picture is been selected as "Judge's Choice" & showcased at one very well known magazine in Communication (visual communication) Communicate.

Thanks for the prayers.

Picture selected for the theme "Contrast" - taken with my nokia 5310

Picture with my name in Communicate Magazine

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some english mistakes at public places in Saudi Arabia


They mean to say 'ENTER"

"Customemer Service" & thats exactly how they serve customers...

"No Kard Ples" meaning "No card please" meaning no ATM or credit card please, business cards are accepted here...