Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Smokers and Terrorists are not allowed...

I hate smokers, I consider them a great threat to the society. I personally believe that they are the living examples of people with no civic sense cause if they had, they wont smoke, or at least they wont smoke at public places.

I'm facing disaster kind of situation now a days in my office, I don't know if I'm rude or blunt or just a pain-in-the-*** but I'm against smoking in my office or at least near my place. There was a time when my sweet office fellows use to smoke cigarettes, and then the time came when our regional creative director was called in for some help in a project, and that was the twist in the lives of the smokers in our office. He brought cigar with him, which was seen by my colleagues as a symbol of prestige or lets say symbol of being regional creative director so with this thought so many of my colleagues became cigar smokers.

Cigarette smell was unbearable to me and now I have to live with cigar smell around me which makes the situation more worst. There is one more funny thing to share, my office is going through re-arrangement after firing around 70% of employees now we are very few working here so we are moving to another place. While the management was working over seating arrangement they called me in and asked me if I want any specific place, I told them my only concern is a place with no smoking zone near me. They came back after some time and told me that they are thinking about putting me in a room with two other guys who are non-smokers and rest of the office will be smokers paradise. I was amazed at there this decision cause in the whole world its smoker who is given a small space (mostly open air balcony) for smoking and most of the office area is kept no-smoking but it was totally opposite in our office. Any how that was not there final decision, they are still working on it.

So after been through such second hand smoke times I made this statement
Smokers & Terrorists are not allowed
and pasted print-outs around my office. I believe some of the guys wont like it, but I think if they dont care for my likes / dislikes, I shouldn't be worry about there likes / dislikes as well...

Thank you
RebelDesigner (21 Oct, 2009) - 7:16PM
Riyadh - KSA

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